Vision, Mission & Values
  • To be a center of Training in Information and   Communication Technology and Telecom   Management   in    Ethiopia and in East/Horn of   Africa

  • To be a center for advancement of ICT, through   research, innovation, transfer, adoption, diffusion,   adaptation, integration and dissemination in Ethiopia   in   particular and in East/Horn of Africa in general
  • Mission
  • To give the highest specialized instructions and to   develop the fullest facility for the most advanced   training and research in Telecommunications   Engineering, Information Technology, and in   Telecommunications Management.

  • To play a leading role in the development of the ICT   sector through the provision of research in the   country

  • To play a leading role in the enhancement of the   manpower development activities of Ethiopian   Telecommunication Corporation

  • To help meet students’ needs for personal career   advancement in ICT sector

  • To play a leading role, through the provision of   Research   & Development, in the deployment of   advanced   technologies and ICT based solutions to   endeavors of the   Government of Ethiopia in its   program to alleviate   poverty, develop the economic,   and develop democratic   institutions in the country
  • Values
  • Attain the highest research and teaching record and   reputation of individual departments or units both   nationally and internationally

  • Attain the highest recognition in promoting and   helping   Ethiopian societies benefit from the growing   information   based global wealth

  • Attain the highest recognition in ICT based solution   search in alleviating social and economic problems
  • Attain the highest acceptance by prospective   employers   of the graduates’ professional   competence in dispensing   their learnt skills and   knowledge



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