Facilities and Services

As a Center of Excellence, the College makes every effort to create an enabling environment in which students follow their studies with out distraction and inconvenience. In this regard, the following services are available freely or at a very reasonable price.

 1.  Cafeteria Service:
Cafeteria service is provided at the College cafeteria at a fair price.
cafeteria services

2.  Health Service
Students can be treated at the College’s clinic situated within the College campus for emergency.
3.  Computing Service
The College’s Computing Service provides a wide range of IT services, such as core networks, expensive peripherals, web, mail and information services and others.

  •    Broadband Internet: Staff and students have  excellent access to the broadband Internet in order to maximize their use of technology for learning and teaching activities.
  •   File Server:  Dedicated fileserver that provides secure, round-the-clock availability to user storage requirement.
  •    Networked Applications: A good networking  infrastructure that ensures fast access to user data and applications.
  • Digital Audio/Video Facility: Audio and video capture, code and decoding facilities.
  •     Printing: Color and monochrome printing for text and graphics.
  •     Scanning: Color scanners for text and image capture

  •     Web and E-mail Account: Access to email service and space for personal web pages for graduate students.
  •    Document Copying: Students can photocopy  documents in connection with their studies at various outlets. The printing office and the Library offer such service at a    minimal cost. Students should get the coupon designated for such service from the administration office.

  • 4.  Laboratories
    Both the Information Technology and the Telecommunication Engineering programs are equipped with state-of-the-art       telecommunications and information technology lab equipment and software tools that are used for teaching and research      purposes.
    5. Video Conferencing Facility

    The College is equipped with modern video conferencing and  distance learning facility for video broadcasting, e-learning, and discussion with well-known professors and experts from partner institutions all over the world.
    6. Library service

    1. CTIT meets the needs of students, teachers and researchers with rich and diverse range of library resources provided by its Graduate Library.

    2. library services
    3. Users of the Library have access to electronic full text resources containing thousands of journals in the areas of science and technology,

    7.  Sport and Recreational facilities
    The football field and the ground tennis court are located close to the main building, and a sport master is available to give training during normal working hours, and on weekends. The School also has table tennis and other indoor game facilities.

    8.  Parking Lots

    Enough parking spaces are available for students and  visitors.




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