Academic calander

  • The academic calendar of the school begins in   September of each year.
  • A semester is 16-weeks period.
  • There shall be inter-semester break for minimum of   three weeks.
  • Admission is possible only during the beginning of the  academic year.
  • Academic Calendar for 2007/2008
    (Year II)

     First Semester                                      

    Academic staff report on duty

    October 15

    Departments submit first semester teaching  load assignments plan to Dean 

    October 18

    Registration of Year II students

    October 18 and 19

    First day of class

    October 22

    Late Registration                                         

    October 22 and 23

    AC meeting

    November 1

    Registrar Submit list of registered students to Departments

    November 7

    Last day for Add/Drop

    November 12

    Registrar submit first semester academic staff statistics report to Dean 

    November 15

    Makeup Exam

    November 29 and 30

    Departments submit application of research proposals to the Dean

    November 30

    Dean communicates result of research proposals to Departments

    December 11

    AC meeting

    December 13

    Last day for submitting Master’s thesis proposals to Department/DGC

    December 21

    Readmission application to Second Semester

    December 24 and 25

    AC meeting

    December 27

    Last day for Department/DGC to approve thesis topic

    January 4, 2008

    Departments submit first semester exam schedules to the Registrar

    January 25

    Registrar issues first semester final exam schedule to Departments

    January 31

    Departments submit second semester course  offerings to the Registrar

    February 1

    Last day of class

    February 8

    First semester final examination

    February 11 - 22

    Final date for submitting grades to Departments

    February 29

    Applications for remarking of Examination papers

    March 4 and 5

    Final date for reporting grades to Registrar

    March 7

    DGC meeting

    March 10

    AC meeting

    March 12

    Semester break

    Feb. 23 – March 16

    (Year II)


    Departments submit second semester teaching                        
    load assignments plan to Dean                                                

    March 14

    Registration of Year II students

    April 2 and 3

    First day of class

    April 7

    Late registration

    April 7 and 8

    Registrar Submit list of registered students to Departments

    April 23

    Registrar submit second semester academic staff statistics  report to Dean

    April 24

    Last day for Add/Drop

    April 28

    Makeup Exam

    May 14 and 15

    AC meeting

    May 22

    Readmission application to first semester of 2008/09

    May 23 and 26

    AC meeting

    June 5

    Application for admission for the year 2008/2009

    June 16 – July 18

    Last day for submitting draft copy of thesis to the advisor

    June 27

    Deadline for submitting the final copy of the thesis to the department

    July 14

    Departments submit second semester exam schedule to the Registrar

    July 15

    Registrar issues second semester final exam schedule to Departments

    July 21

    Last day of class

    July 25

    Second semester final examination and defense of thesis

    July 28 - Aug. 8

    Departments submit next academic year 2008/09 first semester course offerings to the Registrar

    Aug. 1

    Final date for submitting grades to Departments

    Aug. 15

    Applications for remarking of examination papers

    Aug. 19 - 20

    Entrance exam for the academic year 2008/09

    Aug. 21

    Final date for reporting grades to Registrar

    Aug. 22

    DGC meeting

    Aug. 25

    AC meeting

    Aug. 28


    September 6




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