Oversees appropriate;

Heads the office of Administration, finance; general services; purchase and supply; planning and business development; and the legal and external affairs of the college;Among other functions :-

Develops human resource, finance, purchasing, budget, physical planning, general services, legal and   external affairs, and business development strategy, policies, guidelines, and procedures for the college and acquire the Dean’s endorsement of the same;

Responsible for the general administration, planning and business development, legal and external affairs of the college;

Oversees appropriate use of budget and recommends action and prepares contingency plans for correction;
Is responsible for the smooth administration of the college and proper implementation of policies, rules, and regulation governing the college as developed and adopted, and from time to time as subjected to revision and amendment by the board of trustees. Specific administrative rules and regulations of the college shall be developed by the college and concerned bodies;

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Office of the Adminsteration

P.obox. 271-011-416-9900/466-7652

Fax 251-011-466-7679
Addis ababa ethiopia




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