Policies, Rules & Regulations

    • The time duration of the training programs is determined by the objectives, content, target groups, and entry requirements set for each type of training offered at the College.
    • The training calendar normally follows the fiscal year of Ethiopia.
Policy premises
  • The primary goal of the policy is to ensure the quality and     standard of education and to encourage professionalism by providing rules and regulations governing the admission, the teaching learning processes, the evaluation mechanisms, and staff quality.
  •  It is also important to build a transparent academic administration through the appropriate definition, communication and     implementation of rules and regulations.
  • Appreciation of the importance of rules and regulations and     adherence to them by all concerned parties is vital for the proper functioning of the programs.
 General Provisions
    • All programs shall include course work and thesis (or project).
    • Each candidate shall have an advisor to be assigned by the respective Department Graduate Committee (DGC).



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