Admission Reqirements
Applicant must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5 upon graduation with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from accredited higher learning institutions.
  • Applicant must pass an entrance examination.
  • Applicant should have at least two years of relevant   work experience after obtaining the bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicant shall produce two letters of   recommendation, one from his/her undergraduate   instructors and one from his/her employer.
  • Relevant Fields
    Telecommunication Engineering
    The candidate must have a baccalaureate degree from a recognized university in Electrical, Electronic, or Computer Engineering from a college or university of recognized standing.
    Information Technology
    The candidate must have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information or other computing science fields with good academic performance from an acknowledged university or equivalent institution.
    Telecom MBA

    The candidate should have a baccalaureate degree or above from a recognized university in Accounting, Finance, Management, Economics, Engineering Fields, Statistics, and Mathematics or any applied Science fields.

    Financial Aid 

    Limited Scholarships are available for competent applicants 

    The scholarship options are as follows: 

    Full scholarship: very limited scholarships are available for applicants who scored high in the entrance exam and over all entrance evaluation.

    Partial scholarship: applicants who can cover part of the tuition and secured admission can apply for partial scholarship. Academic merit and amount of tuition applied for will be used as criteria to evaluate students. The more the applicant is willing to pay the higher is the possibility of winning the partial scholarship. 

    NOTE: Securing Admission is necessary to be eligible for any of the scholarship options.




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