Academic Programes

The graduate programs that GSTIT offers are:      
          Telecommunication Engineering
          Information Technology
          Telecommunication Management


Telecommunication Engineering
  • Enable students to acquire the fundamental theoretical   principles that underpin the design and  operation of the   current and emerging  communication systems;
  • Provide high level professional skills in the areas that   cover the major market segments such as fixed and   wireless access, data & internet, IP based services and   satellite equipment and services; and
  • Provide an enhanced understanding and necessary skills   in modern management in general and project   management in particular, telecom economics and the   software tools and techniques.
  • The program has the following four specialization areas:
  • Telecommunications Networks,
  • Wireless Communications,
  • Transmission systems, and
  • Data Communications.
  • The courses are structured into three groups as Common Courses, Core Courses, and Concentration Area Courses.

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    Telecom MBA
    This program of study is designed in such a way that candidates with undergraduate degrees in engineering, economics, computing etc, and with some exposure to or experience in telecom business environment can be admitted. This takes into account the fact that career paths to managerial positions in the ICT sector and business are particularly open and smooth to those personnel having engineering backgrounds. In anticipation of such diverse background of candidates that may be admitted, the foundation courses are designed to bring all candidates to fairly the same level of orientation and preparedness to pursue the other courses in the program.
    The program has the following three specialization areas:
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Financial Management, and
  • Marketing Management
  • The courses are classified into three categories: namely Foundational Courses, Functional Courses and Integrative Courses.

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    Information Technology
    This program of study gives students a broad technical understanding of current and emerging technologies in the IT field. It focuses mainly on areas such as Software Technology, Computer Networks and Security, IP based services, Information Systems and Data Management. Further, skills required for independent system analysis, design of a variety of telecom solutions and developing innovative IT applications for telecom services and other businesses.
    The program has three specialization areas:
  • Software Technology
  • Internet and Intranet Technology
  • Content & Knowledge Management
  • The program of study consists of three categories of courses classified as General, Core and Elective courses.

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